Vision Statement

Welcome to Dream Dentistry. We are passionate dental professionals excited to provide you expert care in ALL aspects of dentistry. Here at Dream Dentistry, you can have ALL of your dental dreams met by YOUR dental team. We love our patients and promise to care for you the same way we would our own family.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Having convenient hours
  • Providing painless expert care
  • Tailoring your treatment to your specific wants

We understand your time is valuable and will complete as much of your dental care as possible in a single appointment. We want you to spend time doing what matters most to you! With laughter, fun and personalized care, we are honored to assist you in achieving the smile you've always dreamed of.

Rest easy knowing that our integrity is uncompromised and out skill level is unparalleled.

Welcome to our Family!

Dr. Matthew Lesh, DMD

Dr. Lesh is from the small town of Adna, right here in Washington and loves serving the residence of Longview as an affordable dentist. His unique aptitude in art combined with a desire to help people led him into the field of family dentistry. He is committed to providing quality care for people of all ages.

Away from the office, Dr. Lesh treasures the time he gets to spend with his wife Kris and their four children. He also adores his three grandchildren. When he's not working on their house, he and his wife love to get outside to go hiking, biking, or kayaking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

You will never guess: Dr. Matt worked for over a decade at Northwest Harwoods prior to attending dental school.

Dr. Garrett Barker

Completing his doctoral training at the University California San Francisco and post-doctoral training in various dentistry specialties from the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Dr. Barker has an obvious passion for updating his knowledge and professional development. He aims to use the latest techniques to help patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

He and his wife Allison are natives of Olympia. They are thrilled to be raising their sons Brooks and Tanner in the Pacific Northwest. The most adventurous and probably memorable trip Dr. Barker has taken was a six week dental mission to Ecuador. The faces of the people he was able to help are permanent fixtures in his mind. He is fueled by a passion for helping others.

You might be surprised to know: Dr. Barker played college baseball but, decided he had a better chance to be a doctor than a professional baseball player and switch to studying instead of playing.

DeAnn Axon

Office Manager

DeAnn has served in the dental field for 31 years with 26 of those years spent right here in this dental clinic. She loves helping and interacting with patients and watching the children of patient's grow-up and become parent's themselves! The Dream Team is grateful for her genuine love and commitment to all those she serves.

DeAnn loves decorating, gardening, traveling with her husband, spending time with her children and being the best Nana to her grandchildren.

Most adventurous thing: Snorkeling in shark-infested waters in Hawaii!

Mandi Christianson

Front Coordinator

Mandi is an integral part of the Dream Team. Thanks to her 10 years of longevity in the dental field, she is beyond capable in assisting both the staff and the patients. She is the first smiling face to be seen as patients walk through the door. She loves meeting new patients and treats everyone here as family.

Mandi is a true team player, willing to help the Dream Team accomplish whatever goal is set in front of them. This dental office is not just a place of employment to her, it is dentist family that she delights to see and spend time with every single day.

Outside of the practice, Mandi's main interests involve her family. She and her husband have 2 children, a 16-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. As a family, they love to go to camping, shopping at the beach and escape to Disneyland whenever possible. She has never been to Hawaii, and that dream destination remains on her bucket list.

Closet thrill seeker: Evidenced by a recent trek up Mt. Saint Helens. Skydiving, zip-lining and playing paintball to name a few!

Shannon Hail

Registered Dental Hygienist

Shannon has been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1997 and has worked for over 12 years with the Dream Team staff. She strives to help patients discover the best methods for caring for their oral health through preventative care, teeth cleaning and regular visits to the dentist office.

Shannon serves as a volunteer in the role of Director of Administration for the Cowlitz Volleyball Club. She and her husband are thoroughly enjoying being empty nesters. One of their main goals is to travel as much as possible. They would like to spend the first portion of travel time exploring all of the places that they have never seen right here in Washington. They would also love to visit Western Europe at some point in the future.

Secret Aspirations: To be a professional roller derby champion!

Marlena Munger

Registered Dental Hygienist

Quite the jack-of-all-trades, Marlena loves a challenge and applies her unique skill set to caring for her patients in the role of dental hygienist. She has proven herself to be an integral part of the Dream Team.

Marlena is a creative individual who actually designed and served as the contractor for the building of her own home. Her creative skills extend beyond the walls of Dream Dentistry to gardening, quilting, cooking and spending time with her grandchildren. She enjoys passing along her hobbies to them.

Her love for animals keeps her busy training horses and riding through mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest in her free time. She has actually covered the majority of mountains in Oregon. She also enjoys fly fishing.

Fun Fact about Marlena: She enjoys learning about physics, more specifically string theory.

Sirkka Haagen

Registered Dental Hygienist

Sirkka has a passion for oral health. Her genuine love for her colleagues and patients is evidenced in her caring demeanor. She has been a part of the Dream Dentistry team, lovingly referred to as the Dream Team, for 15 years.

Sirkka is happiest when learning and teaching. She is driven by a passion for helping others to reach their fullest potential. This manifests itself in her ability to gently instruct patients on the best practices for their oral health.

Sirkka enjoys sunshine, beaches, music and travel, but her greatest treasure is her family. She considers being a Nana one of life's greatest blessings.

Dream trip: Santorini, Greece, and she hopes to accumulate a wealth of new travel experiences in the future.

Britni Korpi

Executive and Clinical Assistant

Britni loves people and wants patients to know that they can achieve their dreams for a healthy and beautiful smile. She truly believes that a gleaming smile can deliver self-confidence. Her goal is to empower patients to attain better periodontal health through educating patients on the importance of daily oral care and regular dental cleaning at this incredible family dentist.

Britni has a teachable spirit that keeps her committed to learning and growing each day. She embraces challenges and is an incredible asset to the Dream Team. She is deeply committed to providing the highest quality of care to every patient that walks through the doors.

Britni is originally from Longview, but currently lives in Toledo. She has one son and two daughters. Wilby, the family dog, is basically just one of the kids. Britni and her husband are immensely thankful to live in such a great community, and they love to spend time volunteering in order to give back.

Some of her community contributions include serving as Girl Scout leader, Fastpitch president and local soccer coach. Britni spends as much time as possible in the great outdoors to rejuvenate.

You might be surprised to know: Britni is a huge Mariners fan and also plays the harmonica for relaxation.

Stephanie Daniels

Clinical Assistant

Born in a small Utah town and raised in the country setting of Rainier, Stephanie feels right at home here in Longview. Perhaps her endurance and patience come from surviving as the only girl among 6 brothers. Stephanie has amazing people skills and puts patients at ease, especially those undergoing dental surgery, such as a root canal. Surgical procedures are actually her favorite aspect of working in the field of family dentistry.

She now has two children of her own that keep her extremely busy when she's not caring for patients here at the office. Stephanie's hobbies include demolition derby, snow skiing and water tubing. During this season of life, attending her children's sporting events has become a new favorite activity.

You might be surprised to know: Stephanie is a demolition derby champion!

Heather Sullivan

Clinical Assistant

Born and raised in Longview, Heather moved to Vancouver in 2013. She brings a vibrant energy to the office each day and is a great addition to the Dream Team. She is a caring individual who makes patients feel welcome and comfortable whether they come in for dental fillings or a tooth extraction. She understands the anxiety that some people feel when they visit the dentist office and makes every effort to calm any and all fears.

Heather enjoys cooking, traveling, crafting and outdoor adventures, including camping and hiking, with her fiance Tim and a pug named Guppy. She is also an avid Seahawks fan.

Secret Aspirations: She aspires to visit all of the Disney parks in the world and is well on her way.

Kalob Lesh

From a young age, I have had my sights set on a career in dentistry. I remember my Dad coming home after work to tell me all about how much he loved his job. I often joked that we had an unusual relationship. Most Dads talked with their sons about their favorite sports team or their favorite muscle car. My Dad and I talked about teeth; what teeth looked like, what to do if a tooth is broken, how to check if a crown is seated properly, and the list goes on and on. I remember him telling me that the trick to being a good dentist was first being a good friend. I look back on day after day of him pacing back and forth in the living room as he spoke with the patients he had recently served. Now, all these years later, I am on track to be a proud graduate of the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry, Class of 2017. I am excited to serve the Longview Washington area and carry on my Dad's Legacy.

Most Memorable Moment: Having my dad cleanse my knee with a toothbrush prior to stitches!