Teeth Fillings

At Dream Dentistry, we value the health and beauty of your smile. If you find yourself in need of a cavity filling, or multiple fillings for teeth, we can help.

Fillings in teeth are used to fix a variety issues.

  • Restoring function to decayed teeth (Cavities)
  • Repairing broken, chipped, or small cracks in teeth
  • Evening out the surface of a tooth
  • Enhancing biting and chewing ability
  • Filling in minor gaps between teeth

Unlike outdated amalgam cavity fillings, which contain potentially toxic metals, fillings teeth receive at Dream Dentistry are composite and designed to match the shade of your teeth.

A tooth-colored filling is far less likely to crack your tooth as compared to the old method of filling teeth with silver. Composite or white fillings in teeth add strength by bonding to your tooth and can be completed in one visit to Dream Dentistry. At Dream Dentistry, we keep the cost of filling a cavity within your budget, maintaining the health of your mouth is our top priority.

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